Global Engineering, Simulation & Analysis Software Market

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Global Engineering, Simulation & Analysis Software Market

Our 3 Years Forecast: Back To Double Digit Growth

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Back in 2006, we were the first analysts to publish a dedicated market report on the MCAE segment (Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering) aka Engineering, Simulation & Analysis Market. It was then the only PLM submarket with a double digit growth (together with the mid range CAD software). In the past 3 years, the growth has been slow (CAGR = 5%) even though this segment has stayed the most dynamic part of the whole PLM market. But we have all the reasons to believe that 2017 will see a 10+% growth rate globally and much more in the US, since the United States are the engine of this growth followed by Asia, while Europe will need a bit more time to catch up.

Just like our previous editions, this report studies the Global market value, the actual growth rate and the vendors revenue based on actual or estimated 2016 numbers with a comparison with 2010 numbers. We are analyzing the top 10 Global MCAE software vendors, in Engineering, Simulation and Analysis,  through world regions : North America, EMEA, Asia. This report provides analysis through multiple criteria, and for each criteria, the ranking per region based on 2016 numbers. For each region, the size of the market is evaluated.

This market covers structural analysis, vibration or modal analysis, thermal, fluid dynamics, crash simulation and analysis, fatigue, plastic injection, test simulation, optical simulation, Virtual Reality, multiphysics and other simulations of modeled systems, assemblies or parts.

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M&A activities will continue to be hot in this market, as they have always been:  it takes too much time for bigger vendors to develop their own technologies, convince expert engineers in vertical segments and grow up their own software to cash generating products; they prefer acquiring existing proven technologies which have been validated thanks to smaller vendors. With the return to the double digit growth in this segment of the PLM market, even more acquisitions are going to take place in the coming years.

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Table of Contents

MCAE Global Market 2017

1) PLM: Introduction and Definitions.

2) MCAE Global Market
2.1 History & Definition
2.2 Market evaluation and growth rate
2.3 Market evaluation per region: EMEA, NA, AP
2.4 TOP 10 vendors worldwide offering MCAE products 
2.5 Ranking of top 10 vendors worldwide, by MCAE revenue
2.6 Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors worldwide, MCAE software & maintenance revenue only, 

3) MCAE Market Europe
3.1 Market evaluation and growth rate
3.2 TOP 10 PLM vendors Europe offering MCAE products 
3.3 Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors Europe
3.4Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors Europe, software & maintenance revenue only

4) MCAE Market North America
4.1 Market evaluation and growth rate
4.2 TOP 10 PLM vendors in North-America, offering MCAE products 
4.3 Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors North America
4.4 Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors North America, software & maintenance revenue only

5) MCAE Market Asia-Pacific
5.1 Market evaluation and growth rate
5.2 TOP 10 PLM vendors Asia-Pacific, offering MCAE products
5.3 Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors Asia Pacific
5.4 Ranking of top 10 MCAE vendors Asia Pacific, software & maintenance revenue only

6) Comments & Outlook

7) 01consulting Terms and Conditions

MCAE revenues of the following companies have been analyzed in this report: Altair, Ansys, Autodesk, COMSOL, Dassault-Systèmes, ESI Group, MathWorks, MSC Software, Optis, PTC and Siemens PLM Software.

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