Global PLM Market Analysis Report 2017

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Global PLM Market Analysis Report 2017

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This Global PLM Market Report provides a global view of PLM vendors performance and positioning in all the segments of this $40B market. It includes market valuations and analysis of the PLM market within the three main world regions, North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. It also includes market valuation and charts about the segments of the PLM market: MCAD, EDA, CAM, Engineering and PDM.


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In 2017, SIEMENS PLM gets ahead of Dassault Systemes and becomes the Global Leader in PLM, thanks to a superior execution, products performance, organic growth but also in a significant manner due to several acquisitions in the past few years, the most important being Mentor Graphics which represents around one fourth of the combined entity.

  1. SIEMENS PLM Software
  2. Dassault Systemes
  3. Synopsys
  4. Autodesk
  5. Cadence
  6. PTC
  7. SAP-PLM
  8. Ansys
  9. Mathworks
  10. Oracle-PLM
top 10 Global PLM leaders

top 10 Global PLM leaders: Siemens PLM, Dassault, Synopsys, Autodesk, Cadence, PTC, Ansys, Mathworks, Oracle, SAP

M&A activities will continue to be hot in this market, as they have always been:  it takes too much time for bigger vendors to develop their own technologies, convince expert engineers in vertical segments and grow up their own software to cash generating products; they prefer acquiring existing proven technologies which have been validated thanks to smaller vendors.

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Table of Contents

Global PLM Market 2017

1) PLM: Introduction and Definitions.

2) Global PLM Market
2.1 History & Definition
2.2 Market valuation and growth rate
2.3 Market valuation per region: EMEA, NA, AP
2.4 TOP 15 vendors worldwide offering any type of PLM software
2.5 Ranking of top 15 vendors worldwide, by total revenue
2.6 Ranking of top 15 vendors worldwide, by PLM software & maintenance revenue only, 

3) PLM Market Europe
3.1 Market valuation and growth rate
3.2 Ranking of top 15 PLM vendors Europe
3.3 Ranking of top 10 PLM vendors Europe, software & maintenance revenue only

(there is no per-European-country analysis here. For per-country analysis check our European PLM Market Report)

4) PLM Market North America
4.1 Market valuation and growth rate
4.2 TOP 15 PLM vendors in North-America,  
4.3 Ranking of top 15 PLM vendors North America, software & maintenance revenue only

5) PLM Market Asia-Pacific
5.1 Market valuation and growth rate
5.2 Ranking of top 15 PLM vendors Asia Pacific
5.3 Ranking of top 15 PLM  vendors Asia Pacific, software & maintenance revenue only

6) Comments & Outlook

7) 01consulting Terms and Conditions

Revenues of the following companies have been analyzed for this report: Altair, Ansys,Aras Corporation, Arena Solutions, Autodesk, Cadence, COMSOL, Dassault-Systèmes, ESI Group, Hexagon, MathWorks, Missler Software, MSC Software, Optis, Oracle, PTC, SAP, Siemens PLM Software and Synopsys. (even though not all of them made the top lists in the rankings).

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