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MCAE Market Europe 2011   –   Executive Summary

Double Digit Growth For a €1.9B Market

The most dynamic segment of the PLM market, even stronger in Europe than in the US with a healthy 15% CAGR in the past 5 years, the Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering market in Europe continues to ignore the economic downturn and almost silently, as per the engineers’ traditions it serves, has become the most profitable segment of the PLM business.

As per our previous editions, this report studies the European market value, the actual growth rate and the vendors revenue since 2006 until now, through an analysis of the top 13 MCAE software vendors in Europe and through major regions and countries. It provides analysis through multiple criteria, and for each criteria, the ranking per country/regions based on 2010 numbers. Something unique about our European reports which also applies to this report is the the market scan through a geographic angle, providing vendors ranking in German speaking regions, French speaking regions, UK/Ireland, Italy and Scandinavia, showing the diversity of tendencies in different European regions. For each region, the size of the market is evaluated. Moreover countries respective ranking is provided for Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain & Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Benelux, Eastern Europe and the rest of Europe.

MathWorks whose products come under our definition for the Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering MCAE has been added in this edition. This market covers structural analysis, vibration or modal analysis, thermal, fluid dynamics, crash simulation and analysis, fatigue, plastic injection, test simulation and other simulations of modeled systems, assemblies or parts. Other new comers to our reports are COMSOL, an innovator in multiphysics simulation and Autodesk who is now a player in this space thanks to its multiple acquisitions. See the full list of all the vendors at the end of this executive summary.

Smaller than the MCAD market in terms of size, but growing much faster, the MCAE market is experiencing less hype, and has been recording a steady growth since almost 30 years. Probably engineers’ need for validation of the software products which are supposed to be used to validate their own manufactured products through simulation, test and experimentations is a key reason why succeeding MCAE products are “senior” products. Most solvers have been available to the market for at least 10 or 15 years if not much more. These characteristics of MCAE products profoundly separates the market behavior from those of MCAD and PDM.

The above mentioned characteristic of the MCAE market led us to see some mergers, acquisitions and consolidation in the MCAE market in the past few years, as it takes too much time for bigger vendors to develop their own technologies and grow them up to cash generating products; they prefer acquiring existing proven technologies which have been validated thanks to smaller vendors. With the solid growth seen in this segment of the PLM market, more acquisitions are going to take place in the coming years.

Table of Contents

MCAE European Market 2011

1) PLM: Introduction and Definitions.

2) MCAE Market Europe
2.1 History & Definition
2.2 Market evaluation and growth rate
2.3 TOP 13 PLM vendors Europe offering MCAE products – 2006-2010
2.4 Ranking of top 13 MCAE vendors Europe, 2006-2010
2.5 Ranking of top 13 MCAE vendors Europe, software & maintenance revenue only, 2006-2010

3) MCAE in different countries and regions
3.1 MCAE Market size for each country. 2010
3.2 European regions relative weight. 2010
3.3 Top 7 German MCAE vendors- 2006 – 2010
3.4 Top 7 MCAE vendors in France; 2006-2010
3.5 Top 8 MCAE vendors in UK / Ireland; 2006-2010
3.6 Italian top 6 MCAE vendors; 2006-2010
3.7 Scandinavian top 10 MCAE vendors; 2006-2010

5) Comments & Outlook

6) 01consulting Terms and Conditions

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MCAE revenues of the following companies have been analyzed in this report: Altair Engineering, Ansys, Autodesk, CD-adapco, COMSOL,  Dassault-Systèmes, ESI Group, LMS International, MathWorks, MSC Software, PTC, Samtech and Siemens PLM Software.

By providing market size and vendors positions this report analyzes the actual trends.  Finally, .

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