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MEDDPICC Sales Courses & Training

MEDDPICC ® by Darius Lahoutifard at MEDDIC Academy

Definition of MEDDPICC ®

MEDDPICC ® by MEDDIC Academy is derived from MEDDIC, the most renowned Sales Qualification Methodology applicable to any Enterprise Sales Process. It emphasizes the “Paper process” and the “Competition.” The “Paper Process” is the process through which a purchase request has to go inside that company for such a deal and be executed accordingly. Sellers must understand the “paper process” and anticipate the issues. Elite Account Executives share the company’s standard contract or TOS, or terms of services, earlier in the process.


  • METRICS: Measurable gain that leads to economic benefit.
  • ECONOMIC BUYER: The person with discretionary access to funds.
  • DECISION PROCESS: The process defined by the client to make a purchase decision.
  • DECISION CRITERIA: The criteria the client defines when making a purchase decision.
  • PAPER PROCESS: Customer’s legal and administrative process to sign a contract or place a purchase order
  • IDENTIFY PAIN: The pains which require your solution to be remedied.
  • COMPETITION: The client’s alternatives to remedy the pain, including no-decision or in-house solutions.
  • CHAMPION: Your Internal Seller.
  • MEDDIC tells you that you win the sale if you execute the above in any complex B-to-B sales campaign. When you don’t win, it’s because you missed at least of the above.

How did all this start?

MEDDIC & MEDDPICC ® by MEDDIC Academy are the results of the Sales and Qualification techniques developed at Parametric Technology Corp., aka PTC . PTC is a software company with a strong sales culture in the context of Enterprise Software (now SaaS). The company had over 40 quarters of non-stop growth during the 90s. The initial Global Sales Management team at PTC developed different elements of MEDDIC in the field. That initial team of sales managers in the early 90s, composed of a dozen of trailblazers, are the true creators of MEDDIC. Later, PTC training managers at the headquarters in Boston were asked to put together the best practices in the field. They put them together in a formal practice course for new hires and named it MEDDIC. You can learn more here.

How did MEDDIC Academy start?

MEDDIC Academy™’s founder, Darius Lahoutifard, was an early sales leader at PTC , where MEDDIC was born. He was running one-third of Europe. His region grew from $4M to $27M in 3 years, beating the main competitor (which was and still is Dassault Systemes) in their fiefdom (Dassault is a French company). As an anecdote, Darius’ team was able to beat Dassault in their home market, France, even though Dassault is the only vendor that PTC never managed to beat. Not even today (in terms of revenue, market share, headcount, etc…).

Darius naturally contributed to the creation, articulation, and elaboration of MEDDIC. He successfully successfully executed it in the most competitive and challenging region. He later practiced it in his career, including his sales leadership roles at THINK3 and Agile/Oracle, among other companies. Darius made the first publications regarding MEDDIC and MEDDPICC® later in his career.

How did MEDDIC Academy evolve?

In May 2017 Darius founded MEDDIC Academy™, the first company to offer online and blended learning programs on MEDDIC and MEDDPICC® for sellers, sales managers, sales trainers, and Enterprise clients. In 2018, MEDDIC Academy™ became the first company to deliver test-based certifications and make it possible to become MEDDIC Certified™.

His leadership in democratizing MEDDIC & MEDDPICC was highlighted in June 2020, when he published the first book ever written on MEDDIC and MEDDPICC®. The book ranked first in 2 categories on Amazon for weeks, thus obtaining the “Best Seller” status. In January 2021, Gartner included MEDDIC Academy™ on its Sales Training Providers Magic Quadrant. Check out the blog and the home page.

MEDDIC Academy offers online courses on demand, which are instantly available virtually and in person. Different curricula are available for individual contributors, managers, and trainers. The company also offers vILT programs (virtual Instructor-Led Training), live online workshops, in-person training, and global workshops.

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