Our services are delivered by our team with 75 years of experience in aggregate.

MEDDIC Academy’s leadership knows Enterprise Sales since Enterprise Software exists. Thanks to our Sales Leadership experience gained at leading Enterprise software companies such as Oracle and PTC, we help you assess your sales force before training them through the most efficient sales training methods (see MEDDPICC by Darius Lahoutifard), and coach them after the training for achieving the best performance.

Online MEDDPICC Sales Courses

If you prefer learning at your own pace, our MEDDIC ACADEMY platform is the solution for you. Our elearning platform allows you or your teams to get trained immediately, individually and at a reasonable cost, without waiting for the organization of a group training. It’s also obviously the solution for individual sales reps who want to get trained on MEDDPICC in a personal initiative of growth and development. We will be supporting more languages and more courses as we go to help you successfully train sales teams in Europe, in Asia and in the United States.

Some of our initial courses include:
  • Introduction to MEDDPICC
  • Individual courses for each of the MEDDPICC elements
  • Full MEDDPICC package
  • How to create a quick ROI pitch (exclusive to M.A.)
  • How to Build Champions (exclusive to M.A.)
  • Handling Objections (exclusive to M.A.)
  • Saying “NO” (exclusive to M.A.)
  • Social Selling (exclusive to M.A.)
  • Etc.

In-Person MEDDPICC Trainings & Workshops

We have been delivering in-person trainings since early 90s as Sales Leaders at PTC training our own teams and later as consultants. Thanks to our global culture and experience, we have successfully trained sales teams in Europe, in Asia and in the United States, forming coherent and homogeneous sales teams with the same unique global corporate approach while acting locally. 

Some of our in-person classes include:
  • Sales Teams Assessment
  • Design Your Sales Process (workshop)
  • MEDDPICC (workshop)
  • How to create a quick ROI pitch
  • How to Build Champions
  • Handling Objections
  • Saying “NO”
  • Social Selling
  • Growth Hacking (workshop for Startups)

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