MEDDPICC Definition

What is MEDDPICC®?

MEDDPICC represents a series of educational products and services, including slides, videos, courses, workshops, books, audiobooks, and other content, authored by Darius Lahoutifard and marketed by MEDDIC Academy to help implement MEDDIC or MEDDICC sales concepts, ideas, frameworks, and methodologies. MEDDPICC is a registered trademark owned by Darius Lahoutifard and exclusively marketed by MEDDIC Academy.

What is the history of MEDDPICC®?

MEDDPICC is the evolution of MEDDIC, which finds its roots at PTC, a software maker founded in 1988 and headquartered in Boston. In the early 90s, PTC had a leading product. They had to grow fast while the competitors, including IBM, Dassault Systems, Siemens, and Computervision, were working on their products to catch up.

The collective efforts of the sales organization at PTC, under Steve Walske’s leadership, resulted in one of the most exceptional success stories in the history of technology adoption and growth. Growing from inception to $1B revenue in 10 years was rare in the 90s. Through forty consecutive quarters of unstoppable growth, the initial sales leaders at PTC made it possible through discipline and execution. Some of their best practices were put together as a checklist by the training teams at the headquarters, and they were given an internal name: MEDDIC. While the MEDDIC Checklist is sometimes considered as MEDDPICC’s ancestor, in terms of concept, the MEDDPICC sales training program and course curriculum at MEDDIC Academy is is a lot more than just a concept or even a framework.

MEDDIC was the result of teamwork, not one person’s creation. Some key executives who contributed to MEDDIC are:

  • > Steve Walske, mastermind strategist, the CEO
  • > Dick Harrison, the first seller hired by Walske (Became the CRO per today’s language)
  • > Mike Mc Guinness and John Mc Mahon joined soon after and quickly became sales VPs who were instrumental in the initial growth, especially in the US
  • > Joachim Fietz, Head of Germany and Western Europe, the 2nd market after the US
  • > Darius Lahoutifard, Head of France and Southern Europe, the most strategic market where PTC faced the toughest competition
  • > Anne Gary, Jack Napoli, and Dick Dunkel, the internal training team.
  • > And many more Country Directors and VP of Sales

MEDDIC was just an internal concept for over a decade since PTC was not a sales training company. To our knowledge, the following notable events helped shape the current status of sales training offers around MEDDIC and MEDDPICC.

  • > In 2003, Force Management, founded by Grant Wilson and David Kaplan, introduced a series of in-person training services branded “The Command of The Message” and similar marks.
  • > In 2006, Jack Napoli’s CIS, sometimes known as “The Godfather of MEDDIC”, started offering in-person training services branded as MEDDIC.
  • > Also in 2006, Darius Lahoutifard’s 01consulting started offering in-person training services branded MEDDIC & MEDDPICC.
  • > In 2013, Darius Lahoutifard published the first educational material branded MEDDPICC on Slideshare, the most popular repository of corporate slides during those years. The company was later acquired by LinkedIn.
  • > In May 2017, Darius Lahoutifard’s 01consulting launched MEDDIC Academy, the first eLearning platform to offer MEDDPICC courses online, including videos, audio, slides, ebooks, etc. MEDDIC Academy’s offer included the first MEDDPICC vILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training).
  • > In June 2020, Darius Lahoutifard published the first book on MEDDIC and MEDDPICC, “Always Be Qualifying, MEDDIC, MEDDPICC.” The book became an Amazon Best Seller. Its educational style makes it practical learning material similar to a workbook. Steve Walske recommended it.
  • > In June 2021, John Mc Mahon published The Qualified Sales Leader, a highly popular book on sales qualification. The book is written in a story-telling style, focusing on sales leadership.
  • > In 2024, Force Management also launched its eLearning platform, branded Ascender.

MEDDPICC courses, training programs, workshops, and other educational materials are exclusively offered at MEDDIC Academy.

What is the MEDDPICC Definition?

MEDDPICC Definition
MEDDPICC Definition

Definition of MEDDPICC®?

  1. Metrics: Leverage of the measured potential gain and their economic benefit
  2. Economic Buyer: Interaction with the person in the account who has discretionary access to the funds
  3. Decision Criteria: Criteria used by the customer to select the solution and the vendor
  4. Decision Process: Process that the customer has adopted, which leads to the purchase decision
  5. Paper Process: Approval process in the account through which the purchase order request needs to go before reaching the vendor 
  6. Identify Pain: Actual pains at the company that would require your product/service to be relieved
  7. Champion: Powerful & influential persons at the company who are favorable to your solution
  8. Competition: Knowledge of the competing vendors in the account, their strengths and weaknesses, and their champions

The level of knowledge, control, and progress of each of the above elements in a specific account is key for assessing the chance of success. Per the MEDDPICC definition, these elements lead to a sharp and clear qualification of the account all along the sales cycle. The unchecked elements of the MEDDPICC CHECKLIST will help disqualify a deal early in the sales cycle or direct the seller to the right actions in the account, which will lead to closing that deal.

What are the benefits of using the MEDDPICC Definition?

  • Higher Sales Productivity since sellers will only work on deals that will close
  • Serves as a map to guide the seller with “what to do next”
  • Increases profits since no Discount is needed to win a deal, thanks to the METRICS & ROI approach
  • Increases revenue through sales efficiency thanks to better qualification
  • Improves accuracy of sales forecasts
  • Reduces costs thanks to early disqualifications of the deals that are not winnable

How Can We Implement the MEDDPICC Methodology Within Our Sales Force?

We train your sales force starting with as short as 8 hours of training and workshops, in-person or through the most modern methodologies: VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training), In-person or face-to-face training, self-paced eLearning, Blended learning, and more.  If you liked the MEDDPICC Definition,

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MEDDPICC Definition
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