MEDDPICC As A Sales Process


MEDDPICC® is NOT a Sales Process

During the course “Introduction to MEDDIC” at MEDDIC Academy, we explained that there is no such thing as the MEDDPICC sales process. We explain that MEDDPICC® is a sales methodology that works with your existing sales process. In other words, MEDDPICC® is process-agnostic. If that’s true, then what is this title? It doesn’t make sense, or does it?

“Ok, but Where Do I Start From?”

Well, here’s a frequent question I get from our course attendees from time to time:  “This is all cool. But where do I start from?” or,  “In which order should we apply the elements of MEDDPICC?“. Or, “Should I start by gathering Metrics, defining the Decision Process, or meeting with the Economic Buyer?”. These questions often come from more junior reps, but they’re legit. Those of you who have taken the entire course know that there is no order in executing the different elements of MEDDPICC. These elements are rather a checklist of things to do than things to do in a given order. But even for more senior reps, they still usually take some actions before others, right?

Also, it may make sense when there’s no existing sales process. This is the case in early-stage startups. It’s also common in a small business trying different sales processes to see which one is working better. A mature, large, and growing business has usually figured out a winning sales process and should integrate MEDDPICC into that existing process.

So replying to “Where do I start from?” is easy: You always start from customers’ pains, aka goals. Okay, if there is a clear response, what’s the answer to “What do I do next?”? One good answer would be: “Ask them the different ways to remedy the pains or reach goals?”. You indirectly ask about competition, including internal solutions, change of process, or any solution. So, if I can answer the above, maybe there is a MEDDPICC Sales Process, at least a typical one.

How about a typical sales process?

“Typical”, yes, that’s the word. Another way to look at the sales stages within the framework of MEDDPICC is by considering a “typical” MEDDPICC sales process. Companies have different sales processes, yet we all expect them to be close to the typical process we have in mind. For instance, the chart below is considered one of the most typical sales process charts.

Stages of a typical Sales process
Stages Of A Typical Sales Process

The above chart shows a typical sales process, which everyone would admit to, even though everyone may use slightly different language at different stages.

Similarly, what is the typical sales process when using the MEDDPICC sales methodology?

Here’s the answer:

Stages Of A Typical MEDDPICC Sales Process

MEDDPICC As a sales process
Stages of a Typical Sales Process within the MEDDPICC Framework
  1. Start with the customer’s PAIN or GOALS.
  2. Quantify them
  3. Identify potential Champions
  4. Understand what it costs if not addressed. 
  5. Understand who in the organization is hurt when the pain is not addressed. 
  6. Or if it is presented as a goal, who in the organization will profit from achieving goals?
  7. Develop Champions
  8. Ask them about the multiple ways they can address the pains
  9. Get a view of the Competition landscape, including internal and no-decision
  10. Understand and negotiate the Decision Process along the way
  11. Test the Champions
  12. Ask them how they would choose among different options, 
  13. Get the Decision Criteria
  14. Assess the Value Triangle and your Unique Differentiators
  15. Confirm all the above with the Economic Buyer
  16. Confirm the need for the proof and ask for success criteria with the EB
  17. Empower the Champions
  18. Conditionally Close on the Economic Buyer
  19. Consider exiting each time a significant part of the above is missing
  20. Show Proof with Metrics, prove the value
  21. Develop ROI, payback pitch
  22. Understand, go through, and negotiate the Paper Process.
  23. Return to the Economic Buyer with the proposal and the ROI pitch
  24. Ask Champions for support
  25. Close

If you have not taken the full MEDDPICC courses nor joined our workshops, the actual actions and meanings behind each of the above may appear blurry; you should take either the Full MEDDPICC or the Advanced MEDDPICC course now. But these are the stages of a sales process within the framework of MEDDPICC in a hyper-compact version.

I’ll develop more on this as we go, but let me know what you think. As always, I would love to read your feedback. What do you think?

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